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Next Show: CoCoCo9

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Here are the winners for CoCoCo 9. Congratulations to you all! This year’s winning piece is: James David: Distrocto Our other selected pieces are (in alphabetical order): Conor Brown: Weave Sara Corry: The Five Solitudes Hugh Lobel: The Path to Blindness JP Merz: Out, out- Sarah Perske: Stella Maris Also on the concert are: The […] IWEBIX Webdesign

Featured Audio/ Video

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Each month The Playground will pick audio and video of recent performances to feature in our e-blasts and on our website. Be sure to check our Youtube channel and our Soundcloud page for ever changing audio and video content. Pierrot Lunaire February, 2014 @ the Lamont School of Music. Featuring slides of the 21 new […]