Playground Ensemble

Living Music, Living Composer

Our educational performance series is titled Living Music, Living Composer. Here we present music of our time, music that reflects our social and cultural diversity, and music that embraces innovation. We want kids to see today’s art music as something alive and relevant to the time they live in. Composers live where you live, and they look like you look!

In order to better reflect our community’s diversity, we perform music composed by female composers, African-American composers, Hispanic composers, and composers living and working in Colorado. We include music that incorporates ‘found sound’ percussion and new digital technologies, as well as music that highlights the relationships between music, poetry, and the visual arts.

We also Soundpaint, and select a few student volunteers to lead the ensemble in this spontaneous composition exercise. In fact, our Living Music, Living Composer concerts combine very well with our Soundpainting workshops. Groups of students can perform for the entire student body using this hand gesture language.

These events happen regardless of the institutions ability to pay. Although we would like schools to help compensate our musicians for their professional work we never turn down an outreach or educational opportunity because of money. Often our partners at Friends of Chamber Music can help sponsor these events.

All of our events are flexible and tailored to your needs. Contact us at to discuss how we can serve your student population.