Playground Ensemble



Another popular program is our live composition and improvisation Soundpainting workshops. Created by composer Walter Thompson, Sound Painting is a hand gesture language that allows musicians (and a composer/conductor called the ‘painter’) to create on the spot.

We’ve been doing this with kids for a while now and in most situations even the most conservative and resistant will give themselves over to this creative collaborative experience.

This program is perfect for visits to school ensembles. Within minutes we would be creating music together. It also works nicely as part of our Living Music, Living Composer concert offering. We would send a trained Teaching Artist to meet with a small group of students to learn the ‘language’, then these students would perform with us as part of repertoire on an all school assembly.

We also offer Soundpainting professional developments workshops for teachers to help cover composition and improvisation arts standards. Let us know if this is something that interests you by emailing

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