Playground Ensemble

Micro Commissions

In celebration of our 10th season The Playground has commissioned a series of 1-minute micro works from some of our favorite collaborating composers over the last 10 years.

Commissioned with a gift from Alix and John Corboy, these works have two lives:

  1. As a stand alone micro composition
  2. As a palette in a larger work or mash-up using Walter Thomson’s Soundpainting hand gesture composition language

These micro’s will be performed throughout the next season but will be premiered March 12 at a house concert at John and Alix Corboy’s.
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Leanna Kirchoff- Make Music Now!
Sarah Perske- Watertight
High Lobel- Var Si
Tyler Gilmore- Anything Like the Same Way You Do
Aakash Mittal- Chroma
Greg Simon- Pan’s Shadow
David Kirtley- A Quick Visit to Red Rock Lakes
Anthony Green- P is for…
Jessica Mays- Spin
Reggie Berg- 59 Seconds