Playground Ensemble

Commission New Music

We are always looking for patrons who would like to be involved in the process of funding and creating new music.

Although individuals wishing to commission an entire piece of new music are appreciated, we also are interested in forming commissioning clubs and consortiums.

MicroCommissions X microcommissionbanner

In celebration of our 10th season The Playground has commissioned a series of 1-minute micro works from some of our favorite collaborating composers over the last 10 years.

Commissioned with a gift from Alix and John Corboy, these works have two lives:

  1. As a stand alone micro composition
  2. As a palette in a larger work or mash-up using Walter Thomson’s Soundpainting hand gesture composition language

Leanna Kirchoff- Make Music Now!
Sarah Perske- Watertight
High Lobel- Var Si
Tyler Gilmore- Anything Like the Same Way You Do
Aakash Mittal- Chroma
Greg Simon- Pan’s Shadow
David Kirtley- A Quick Visit to Red Rock Lakes
Anthony Green- P is for…
Jessica Mays- Spin
Reggie Berg- 59 Seconds

Previous Commissions

Through the generosity of our donors and our board The Playground has commissioned:

Biennial of the Americas 2015- New Music. Now.

As part of the 2015 Biennial we paired mentor composers with young composers to create eight new works to premiere at the Biennial. Interview videos with each composer can be found here.

Anne Culver Lamont Student Commissioning Prize

Lamont professor emeritus and Playground supporter Anne Culver has sponsored an annual commission dedicated to Lamont student composers. This prize has commissioned: