Playground Ensemble

The Narrators 8th Anniversary Show

The Narrators 8th Anniversary Show
Buntport Theater, Denver. March 21, 2018. 8pm

We are excited to be working with Denver storytellers, The Narrators. This event, celebrating their 8th anniversary show, will feature live psuedo-improvised compositions in support of some amazing stories around the theme ‘Keeping Up.’

The Narrators is a live storytelling show and podcast based in Denver, CO and San Diego, CA. An organization dedicated to promoting the art of true storytelling and providing community access to storytelling events, The Narrators was founded in 2010 at the Paris on the Platte wine bar in Denver. They described our upcoming show as follows:

We are “collaborating” with Playground Ensemble for our show in March—their musicians will provide live, impromptu scoring to the stories shared that night. The musicians will not know the stories beforehand and the storytellers won’t know what music will be played to accompany them. Will it work? We won’t know until after it happens. One of the things we love about The Narrators is the lack of control that we have over what happens in the moment.

Join The Playground Ensemble and The Narrators for a unique combination of musical composition and pseudo-improvised storytelling at one of Denver’s great collaborative settings, the nonprofit Buntport Theater.