Playground Ensemble

“Here”: Songs of Love, Loss, and Healing

03/10/2019 . 4pm . “Here”: Songs of Love, Loss, and Healing

A vocal recital by Megan Buness, including the premiere of songs she composed in the wake of a personal tragedy. Performed at the home of Alix and John Corboy.

Seating is limited. To reserve a seat, email You will receive the address when you RSVP.

We will be collecting donations at the concert with a $20 suggested minimum donation.

Megan Buness- voice

7 Songs – Megan Buness (25′)
If I Had Wings – Leanna Kirchoff (11′)
From the Grammar of Dreams – Kaija Saariaho (10′)

Seven years and seven months ago, my beloved passed, soon after our ten-year anniversary.  We had reunited after a separation of seven years and seven months.  The seven songs of Here, composed in the months after his passing, recount my journey of grief and healing, they honor the blessings that he brought into my life, and they reflect our shared interests in numerology and the significance of dreams. 

Our program begins with Leanna Kirchoff’s three-song cycle If I Had Wings, with poetry by Josephine Preston Peabody.  Knowing of my loss, Kirchoff was inspired to choose these poems, as they reflect hope, optimism, resiliency, and the transformative power of song. 

We continue with Kaija Saariaho’s From the Grammar of Dreams for live soprano and pre-recorded soprano.  This five-song cycle uses words from Plath’s novel The Bell Jar and her poem “Paralytic” from her collection Ariel.  It is a meditation on life, death, dreams, grief, and ultimately hope.

Finally, the song cycle Here.  I originally recorded myself singing these songs while playing the accompaniment on the piano.  Richard vonFoerster has transcribed the piano part and arranged it with tender care for string trio.

                                                                        – Megan Buness