Playground Ensemble

Indiegogo: 8 Songs For a Mad Ensemble

Smashing violins! Players in bird costumes & cages! Part chamber music, part performance art!

In January and February of 2019 we will be doing multiple performances of Peter Maxwell Davies provocative 8 Songs for a Mad King.

The original piece features costumes, props, set design (human-sized bird cages!), and other stage essentials. We need your help! Support us and participate in the performance in a number of ways outlined in the donor perks.

Visit our Indiegogo Campaign page here.

Peter Maxwell Davies’ masterpiece Eight Songs for a Mad King was shocking, scandalous, and utterly captivating to audiences when it premiered in 1969. Its unconventional vocal techniques, bizarre theatricality, jarring juxtapositions of musical styles, and unflattering depiction of Mad King George III are as fresh, relevant, and entertaining today as they were 50 years ago. The singer plays the role of King George, while the flute, clarinet, violin and cello depict the birds that George believed he could teach to sing particular songs on command. Piano, harpsichord, and a large number of percussion instruments round out the instrumentation.

Help us perform this piece as it was meant to be performed.

Donation perks include tickets to Denver Botanic Gardens, clothing from Fancy Tiger, a chance to play with us during the performance of the 3rd song in “8 Songs,” private lessons from members of The Playground Ensemble, and a copy of our 8bit Xmas Recordings. Enjoy a sample from the 8bit album below, and find out more about the Album Release of 8bit Xmas Carols at Mutiny Information Cafe here.