Playground Ensemble

8-bit Xmas Carols Album Available Now

The Playground’s 8-bit Xmas Carols album is now available digitally here.

If you would like a CD copy, contact us at with your name and address and we will send you a hard copy.

The 8-bit project is the result of months of composition and studio work on the part of Playground musicians and Denver composer David E. Farrell. A unique mashup in which 8-bit electronic sounds meet contemporary chamber music meet Christmas and holiday cheer, 8-Bit X-Mas features original arrangements by David E. Farrell and virtuosic performances by The Playground Ensemble.

8-Bit X-Mas is a holiday record unlike any you’ve heard before. The album features a range of holiday classics – some familiar, some lesser known – and combines them with the 8-bit sounds you remember from your childhood playing NES. But instead of stopping there, we go one step further and mix in the virtuosic live performers from The Playground Ensemble. The final result is at times charming and light, at other times driving and intense, but always fun, fresh, and exciting to hear. Pieces from the album have recently been featured on Colorado Public Radio. You can watch a live performance of the album on December 21 at Mutiny Information Cafe. Find out more about the album release show here.

Enjoy our Fireside Chat interviews with composer David E. Farrell below.