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Become a Patron of the Playground! Individual support allows the Playground’s pursuits to reach fruition by facilitating more education and exploration opportunities. As a donor your gift can be used in support of specific programs, whether that be a concert, an education program, a school, our commissioning fund, or even¬†general operating support. We want to work with you to support new music!

Speak directly with our Executive Director, Conrad Kehn about your gift by calling 720-641-2414.

Make a tax-deductible donation, one time or recurring monthly, to the Playground through Colorado Gives using any major credit card or bank account, to our account at


Or send a check by snail mail to:

The Playground
PO Box 1012484
Denver, CO, 80250

Commission New Music

We are always looking for patrons who would like to be involved in the process of funding and creating new music.

Although individuals wishing to commission an entire piece of new music are appreciated, we also are interested in forming commissioning clubs and consortiums. Previous commissions for Playground include Micro Commissions, Playground-led commissions, and the Anne Culver Lamont Student Commissioning Prize.


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Contact Info:

The Playground
PO Box 102484
Denver, CO, 80250